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The goal of Nursing over the years has been to contribute to the health of individuals and the entire society. Initially, nursing had concentrated on the care and comfort of the ill and injured, but as a result of advances in health sciences, the emphasis is now placed on protective, preventive and rehabilitative care.

The Basic Nursing education Programme is therefore geared towards the learning needs of students, health needs of the community and society. The Programme forms the basis for the practice of nursing and continuing education in the discipline  of nursing.

Some of Our Objectives

Utilize the Nursing process in providing comprehensive Nursing care to individuals and families in the community

Applying the knowledge of biological, behavioral and Nursing sciences in assessing, planning,evaluating and implementing Nursing care

Supervise the clinical experience of student Nurses, psychiatry/mental and public health nurses and allied health workers in all clinical settings

Apply the principles of primary health care in providing comprehensive, continuous and personalized care in homes, schools and healthcare institutions

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